Murky water




Just a Duck


Sitting all alone undisturbed on a pier in the middle of a pond, a duck swoops in and ruins my peace.  This duck was not like any duck because it did not join the group of ducks sitting peacefully at the side of the pond.  Instead, this duck flew in to the middle of the pond and sat there for a minute.  It began to sneak toward the middle of the pond when all of a sudden it flapped out its wings and began to glide.

Now this act of gliding was not like any other.  It slide across the pond with its wings out its side and would flap them without actually flying.  I appreciated this act of loneliness.  For once it was okay for the duck to rock out to the beat of his own drum.  He didn’t have to live by the confines of the flock that had made their way to the far side of the pond.  He was free to dance with expression all alone in the middle instead of pushing himself to the side with the rest of the ducks.

Now, I am aware that this duck had a purpose for being in the middle because not long after his dance he swooped under the surface of the water and popped back up with a fish before flying away.  But this simple act of feeding himself had more of a significance than what meets the eye.  This duck had gotten his food and the rest had not.  He went off to dance and ended up with the food in the end.  

This duck exemplifies that in the wild you have to be a little crazy.  Going off on your own may not be the best idea if you are weak and unable to defend yourself but if you are the predator it is beneficial to not have to compete with other predators for the prey.  So be a little crazy today, you might just end up with a darn good fish!

Be Wild


Being wild is being feral.  Humans are expected to plan and organize just like animals are expected to sit, walk on a leash, and eat from a bowl.  None of these things are wild.  Being wild is letting go of these stereotypes and allowing animals to chase after the wild animal for food and play outside and misbehave every now and then.  In the wilderness, anything can happen in a moments notice.  A tree standing for hundreds of years can fall at a moments notice.  A beautiful sunny day can turn into a stormy nightmare without warning.  There is nothing civilized or domesticated about the wilderness.  Unfortunately, parks are now being considered wilderness because human have continuously cut down trees and polluted the air.  We must become wild again to understand the importance of the wilderness.